How To Be A Successful Freelance Writer

How to Be a Successful Freelance Writer and earn money writing articles in different subjects. 

How To Be A Successuful Freelance Writer, Earn, Money,Writing

Nowadays, freelancing in general becomes common all around the globe. Based on a recent survey 40% of America’s workforce will be freelancers by 2020.
A relevant question that may come to your mind is how I became a freelance writer? and how I made it as a career? Well, I always receive this question via social media networks ; Facebook, and that is a good time to answer it. Most of people think that freelancers are broke and have a serious financial problems and they choose writing to gain some cash, that is not True since we see well-known writers work for Newspapers and Magazines not because they need money but they love writing. I personally could say it is a passion.

Before I get started, let me highlight the fact that there is no step by step quick rich recipe that you could follow to be a successful freelance writer. If this is the case, just forget it because anyone who want to be a freelance writer he/she should be resourceful and an avid reader. In other words, reading in different fields to pick up your own style in writing. The first thing I did when I started freelancing was informing all my friends, Co-workers on Facebook and Twitter. Sure enough my friend works for a company which needs a freelance writer and I finally got the opportunity to start my project and I wrote my first article.

 I wasted a lot of time browsing the net looking for well-known websites such Craiglists, I posted my profile there many times but in vain, all my efforts went with the wind before I finally find my first client and then reaching out others as I have been recommended by many. Economically speaking, I did not really earn a lot of money but I was officially a freelance writer. The second crucial thing I did to become a freelance writer is contacting people I know on my social networks to ask them about the effective ways to start freelancing. Fortunately, I had a friend who currently work for a Magazine and I asked her for an advice. In fact I was not aiming at using her but I wanted to pick her brain and later we decided to share the same network and she linked me with the magazine editor who gave me the chance to work as a writer for the magazine. It’s worth to mention that the pay was not that good, it does not payy the bill but the important thing I had other clients and I was extremely happy. Here is the good news, if you do not know a person in your network it is really easy to reach out people elsewhere these days, you can go to Google and try to contact other successful freelancers who are interested and respected in the field you are interested in then send them an email to ask for advice.

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Finally when I started freelancing with multiple clients, I had to create an online portfolio so I can reach out other potential clients. At the beginning I did it for free as long as I am getting bigger clients later. It is highly evident that you need to move up and work hard but you need to keep in mind that when you doing a work for a client with little money you have to give your best and work seriously like you are doing the job for a big company. Yet, this client gives you a valuable chance as you are just a beginner and you do not have so much experience, and in this respect it is highly recommended for you at this stage to write for all kinds of clients. That is to say, if you are writing for a blog but you goal is writing for a magazine you need to write for that blog first because a magazine is not going to hire you or give you projects to write about if they are not 100 % sure of your potentials and the only way to convince them is through putting your writings out there.
The secret behind being a successful freelance writer is working hard and I ensure you that most of them made a great job. There is always luck involved ,of course, but working hard is the key to success. I myself do not consider myself lucky writing for iwriter, Freelancer, Fiverr.. because it took me a long period of time reading and collecting information from different resources. I truly put everything I had and I dedicate all my time to writing.


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