How To Write Your First Article Online

'' New Writer Curse ''

How long will you stay '' New Writer "??

Here's a Good News, you will never ask '' Who's going to hire me? '' after reading this article.
You are not obliged to suffer from '' New Writer '', days after you learnt that there's something called  '' Freelance Writing ".
If you are new to this domain (Writing Online), here's what you should do NOW!!


If you're being trained by a high-qualified freelance writer, she/he can propose some hot topics. If not, just go to search engines like Bing or Google, then type '' profitable niches ''. At this stage, choose a simple topic and write about it.  


You can hire an editor to highlight your weak and strong points then give you editing instructions.
But if you don't have money, you can ask your friend to do the stuff for you. 

You can also post your article on WriteLearnEarn. Make sure you follow their rules. That is to say, your article should be 100% unique and has never been published anywhere online. Based on my personal experience, they truly give useful feedback on all articles posted there.

Who knows? you may end up selling your articles there and getting some money. But remember, follow their rules.

However, you are in a dire need to their feedback so you can move to the next stage.


Keep improving your writing skills so that you always write a perfect copy that clients love. That's why you need to implement the feedback the team at WriteLearnEarn gave you, and try to avoid those mistakes you made if you have any.


Potentially, some clients will ask you for links to your published article.
I know, your possible question is : '' OMG, I have no published articles so far, what should I do? ''
My answer : Go ahead, write your first article NOW :)

Write in HubPages, Ezine articles or even your free blog, just publish something online. Make sure to include your details ( name and bio).

Hey, avoid excuses, motivate yourself. You can start with free websites if you have to.


The previous tips should take only a few hours, especially the writing process, and hiring an editor to check your work.

Once you've done, you can go and apply for online writing jobs and earn dollars.

Based on my own experience, I highly recommend the writing platform

Recently, I have been hired by an American entrepreneur. I write articles in various nitches. Below you can see my rating on

It all depends on you, and how will you work to polish your writing skills.
Everything is possible, at least for those who believe and take action.

Go search on Google :
Note that I was a new writer one day. But luckily I didn't get infected by this '' New Writer Curse ''

PS : It's worth to mention that the  ''curse '' is metaphorically used as a reflection on people who always complain. They say '' But I am a new writer '' after I have provided them with the information on what works. They never dive deep into Google and they don't want to take action. 

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